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Staffing Solutions Tailored to Your Needs.

CHRC offers the flexibility needed of a “one-stop”, full-service company in the recruitment and retention of personnel for short or long-term projects, temporary assignments or for regular/direct and executive placements.

Because we understand the complexities of management objectives, workplace and human resources issues, we can recommend and implement sound strategies to meet your individual company culture. Our services are creatively tailored to meet budget, schedule, technical, quality requirements and other specific needs.

Full services include staffing on ALL job categories for short and long-term assignments, onsite contract management services, employee maintenance, retention, training & development, termination and compliance.

Staffing Services:

  • CHRC never discloses client’s name until an interview is requested.
  • Staffing – Provides all necessary services to recruit, screen and qualify applicants to match at least 85% of client’s job description.
  • One point contact – Provides client with a “single point” contact and a backup.
  • Administer – Schedules all interviews, coordinates information, communicates to applicants
  • Compliance – Upon request, we will provide background investigations, verification of employment, education, professional license, criminal checks, driving record, pre-employment and random drug testing, DOT Training, CDL, CPR, Medical Card verifications and others as requested.
  • Orientations – New hire processing, policies, procedures, laws, co-employment awareness and any other as requested by client.
  • Employee Records – Ensures compliance with all local, state and federal laws.
  • Insurance – Provides Workers’ Compensation, General Liability Insurance, Professional Liability and Commercial Auto Liability
  • Benefits – Hourly pay, sick time, other as applicable and approved.
  • Payroll – Directly pays employees weekly, direct deposits to most financial institutions, makes appropriate deductions to include state and federal regulations.
  • Employee Effectiveness and Communications – Provides coaching and counseling to contract employees covering Employee Relations, Team Effectiveness, Job Development issues, and any employer needed information “at or off” clients’ site.

If you would like to obtain additional information of our services and become a customer of our “winning team”, please contact Rosa Roy at 480-654-4606 or via e-mail at