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Currently, we have income tax forms available for printing and submission. This is helpful when you want to change your tax information in the current year or the upcoming one.

Once you complete the forms, you can either bring them to our office, fax to (480) 654-4605, or scan and email to Attn: Patricia Cart.

Employment Laws

Creative Human Resources Concepts is committed to providing accurate and the most up-to-date information regarding the employment laws.

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AZ Earned Paid Sick Time

AZ Employee Safety and Health Protection

AZ Law Prohibits Discrimination in Employment

AZ Minimum Wage Poster – 2021

AZ Minimum Wage Poster – 2020

AZ Notice to Employees – Unemployment Insurance Poster

AZ Notification of Constructive Discharge

AZ Work Exposure to Bodily Fluids

AZ Work Exposure to MRSA

AZ Workers Compensation Law

Employee Rights Under the Davis-Bacon Act

EEO is the Law Poster Supplement

Employee Rights Employee Polygraph Protection Act

Employee Rights for Workers with Disabilities Paid at Special Minimum Wages

Employee Rights Under the Fair Labor Standards Act

Employee Rights Under the National Labor Relations Act

Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law

Fraud & Waste Abuse

OFCCP – Pay Transparency

OSHA – Job Safety and Health Protection Act

Right to Work


Whistle Blower Rights – Defense Contractors & Subcontractors

Worker Rights – Federal Minimum Wage for Contractors 2018


Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace Policy Statement

CHRC is committed to protecting the safety, health and well-being of all employees and other individuals in our workplace. We recognize that alcohol, drug and/or controlled substance misuse poses a significant threat to our goals.

This policy applies to all CHRC employees and any individual who has been given a conditional offer of employment with CHRC.

Employees found to be in violation of this policy will be subject to termination. This policy also allows CHRC to create more restrictive guidelines (where required or needed).

For the purpose of this policy, any reference to drugs and/or controlled substances includes marijuana used for medical purposes. Employees who possess a valid state issued registry identification card authorizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes are prohibited from using, possessing, or being impaired by marijuana in the workplace or during the hours of employment.

CHRC follows federal regulations.

CHRC Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace Policy

Employee Forms Are Only A Click Away

CHRC is committed to providing continual support to all our current employees. In an effort to simplify some of the hassle associated with changing tax information, we are providing both Federal and State income tax forms for download.

What causes an employee to change his or her tax information? Below are the most common reasons:

Since you last filed Form W-4 or state tax form with CHRC did you…

  • Marry or divorce?
  • Gain or lose a dependent?
  • Change your name?

Were there major changes to…

  • Your non-wage income (interest, dividends, capital gains, etc.)?
  • Your family wage income (you or your spouse started or ended a job)?
  • Your itemized deductions?
  • Your tax credits?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions or you owed extra tax when you filed your last return, you may need to file a new Form W-4 or state tax form.

Please note that the IRS Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Certificate for 2020 has changed.  The 2020 Form W-4 is designed to be both easier and more accurate, permitting easy adjustments for anticipated tax credits, other income, and deductions. If you would like to adjust your withholding to account for these factors, you will now be able to simply enter your full-year estimated amounts on the Form W-4.

You can also use the IRS online “Withholding Estimator” at to determine how to complete the 2020 Form W-4 so that you don’t have too much or too little withheld during the year.

Form W-4 Highlights

  • There are three options for employees with multiple jobs or two-earner families:
    • Simplified worksheet in the W-4 instructions
    • Enhanced IRS online Withholding Estimator
    • New checkbox to automatically adjust for multiple jobs or two-earner families
  • New filing status — Head of Household
  • New adjustment entries:
    • Full-year child and dependent tax credits
    • Full-year other income; and,
    • Full-year deductions

In addition, you will still be able to authorize an additional dollar amount to withhold from each pay period, for any reason.

IMPORTANT NOTE: At the end of the year, CHRC will mail a W-2 to the home address in our records. Make sure we always have this information current by letting Patricia Cart ( know of any changes.

Forms Needed for Download

In order to file a new Form W-4 or state tax form, you will need to download the following documents in their Adobe PDF file formats. Once the file is on your computer, open it to view its contents, print and complete.

The Paid Sick Time Request Form must be submitted before taking paid sick time. Exception would be when an accident or illness prevents filing a request before using leave, submit this form immediately upon return to work.  Reminder only 40 hours can be used as sick time for every policy year of July 1 to July 1.

The following forms require the installation of Adobe Reader. You can download this view for free on Adobe’s website by clicking here.

AZ Form A-4 2020

Form W4 2020

Sick Time Request Form

Timesheet – Weekly

Once you complete the forms, you have the option to either bring them to our office, fax to 480-654-4605, or scan and email to Attn: Patricia Cart.