Welcome to the People that Take Care of People

Our unique and extensive management experience enables us to work with organizations to determine the types of individuals that have been the most successful at a particular company and what is special about each particular group. That information coupled with our expertise allows us to find the candidates that have the skills and the company’s culture to be the best fit.

Our reputation and commitment is reflected by the coaching, mentoring, and specialized customer service assistance provided to job applicants, employees, clients, and our CHRC staff for an effective and long “win/win” working relationship.

Creative Human Resource Concepts Video

Watch our video to learn more about Creative Human Resource Concepts and the four main industries that we serve.

Mission Statement

“Our Mission is to plan and make careful alignment to provide our clients, customers, and job candidates; their desired solutions and outcomes in their search for excellence.”

Core Values


Our integrity is the cornerstone and the foundation of our Core, Individual and Team.


We will work diligently and take pride in our work, our team’s efforts, and final products until the job is done right!


We will mentor others by facilitating and sharing our time, knowledge, and expertise learned during our life to make a better workplace for all stakeholders both internal and external.


We will respect others by exhibiting a high degree of professionalism and a strong code of ethics in support of individuals and teams.


We will lead by example in all we do towards our employees and the clients we serve.


We will seek ongoing Improvement and strive for excellence every time in all times.


We will contribute our time, expertise, knowledge, as well as, support organizations for the betterment of our community.


We will maintain an organizational culture and climate that follows Safety best practices and procedures. Safety First and Last!

The bottom line:

CHRC will get the job done — quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. Our experience shows. We are ready to put it to work for you. 

CHRC is an Equal Opportunity Employer, SBA / SDMWBE Certified.

CHRC’s Advisory Board

The Creative Human Resources Concepts Board of Advisors is composed of representatives of participating organizations and professional individuals acting in an informal advisory capacity.

The advisory board is a diverse group volunteering to help CHRC ensure that all voices are heard during strategic planning and growth. CHRC promotes the ongoing development of inter-disciplinary communications, core values, high human resource standards, best industry practices, and sustained professional growth.

The current Board of Advisors are posted below.

Monte Roy, IT Management
Kathy Koultourides, CPLP
David Geddes, Refinery Economics and Planning Consultant
John W. Wells Jr., EdD, MS, CSP, CMIOSH, Safety Expert
Don Hanke, Construction & Safety Management
Phillip Austin, Community Liaison
Levi Leyba, Visual Information Specialist



“I have admiration and respect for CHRC and I enthusiastically would recommend them for their amazing quality of hard work, dedication and perseverance for their employees.”



“I would recommend CHRC because they were the true difference maker in helping me obtain a position with my employer of choice!  They made me stand out to potential employers and that can be difficult in the online environment today.”



“From the moment I was contacted, the professionalism of the staff was evident. When I arrived at my initial interview I felt warmly received and knew shortly after they had my best interests when they lined me up with the perfect position. Their staff is friendly, professional, and they are a pillar of excellence in the community for employment placement. I highly recommend CHRC, their Team is a delight to work for, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity they’ve given me!”



“The most pleasant personnel I have ever encountered and most reliable agency in assisting with employment opportunities.”



“It is with great pride that due to your guidance and employment opportunity that my temporary position contracted through CHRC for the past 9 months has flourished and I will become a full-time employee.  It has been a wonderful experience working with all of you.”



“CHRC has a very professional atmosphere.  They strive to take care of each individual as if each person were the only client.  They assisted me with a great placement on a job which I am still employed.  The staff at CHRC goes above and beyond for their clients.”



“Dun & Bradstreet, Inc., Client Performance Evaluation for reliability, cost, accuracy, delivery, quality, business relations, personnel, customer support, responsiveness:  Overall Rating – 93%”



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